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Complete solar panel systems & battery storage for your home or business.

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We'll help you go completely off the grid with solar panels & battery storage.


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Get the full life cycle out of your solar panel system with our maintenance & repair service.


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Discover the newest energy-saving technology for hot water at your home or business.

Why choose Marshall Solar & Energy?

Unlike door-to-door salespeople, TV specials and celebrity endorsements, we won’t leave you stranded after the installation wondering why your solar isn’t paying off. 

As a locally owned and operated company, we’ll always be here to answer your questions, monitor your system and help you get the best out of your investment.

By starting with your power bill, we’ll help you understand your electricity tariffs and how to select the right solar panel system for your place. 

This will include a complete understanding of the savings you’ll make on your energy costs, the payback period of your investment and the life-cycle costs associated with your solar panels.

You could say “we’ve taken the guess work out of solar panels.”

Why should you invest in solar?

Installing solar panels is both great for the environment and great for your bottom line.

From the moment your system is switched on, you’ll be in charge of your power bills and able to control your expenses each day.  It will also reduce your reliance on the grid in the event of a blackout or major crisis.

Best of all, your system will actually pay for itself in about 5 – 7 years, after which time you’ll start pocketing the profits. 

The cost of a solar panel system can vary depending on a few factors like the amount of energy you’d like to produce and the number of solar panels you can fit on your roof.  By looking at your property and your recent power bills, our experts will help you determine the ideal system for your place.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised by how affordable a new solar panel system is for your home or business.

By installing solar panels at your place, you’ll immediately start generating your own electricity which you can use as it’s produced.  However, if you’re not using any electricity, your solar energy will be sold back into the local grid and you’ll receive credits against your power bill.  So over the course of each billing period, you’ll start to save quite a bit of money overall.

Having your own battery storage will also allow you to store solar energy so that you can use it at night time and when the sun isn’t shining. This means that you can reduce your reliance on the power grid and further reduce your energy costs. And as your battery fills up during peak solar production, you’ll also continue to sell power back into the grid.

Solar panels are not designed to provide power during a blackout for both technical and safety reasons.  However, adding a battery to your solar panel system will allow you to draw down stored energy in the event of a blackout.

You’ll be quite surprised to know that your solar panel system will pay for itself several times throughout the warranty period of the solar panels.   This means that within a few years after installation, the savings you make on your power bills will actually pay off the system and you’ll start getting a return on your investment.  As a part of our initial consultation and quote, our experts will produce a model that demonstrates the approximate payback period for your system.

Compared to traditional hot water systems, heat pump hot water systems are a very efficient way of heating water for your home or business.  This is because they use the outside air temperature to help heat the water.  Feedback for our customers, as well as energy consumption modelling, shows that they provide excellent cost savings on your power bills.

Frequently asked questions

Buying solar panels can be a major decision and it can be overwhelming to know where to start because of all the information available to us.

This is made more complicated by the TV adverts promising rock-bottom prices and the celebrity endorsement that can be hard to trust.

Our experts are not only local, but they will also come out to your place and answer all of your questions as they design and price up a system that’s perfectly suited to your location and solar aspect.

Best of all, we’ll also help you optimise your energy production after installation, to ensure you’re maximising your energy savings.

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