4 Locations

Sorell (Main Solar Location)

4 Gordon Street, Sorell 1800 82 66 76

Our Solar & Energy head quarter is based at 6 Gordon Street, Sorell.



1 Invermay Rd, Invermay 1800 82 66 76


96 Clarence Street, Bellerive 1800 82 66 76


7 Warwick Street, Hobart 1800 82 66 76

Frequently Ask Questions?

How Grid Connected Solar Works

While the technology behind solar energy may seem complex, when broken down, how solar power works is easy to understand – particularly in a grid connect scenario as it only requires a...

How solar power works

The sun shines on the solar panels generating DC electricity The DC electricity is fed into a solar inverter that converts it to 240V 50Hz AC electricity. The 240V AC electricity is used to power appliances in your home. Surplus electricity is fed...

Installing a grid connect solar system

Most customers choose a roof mounted solar power system. For most of Australia, the modules should be installed facing north in order to take full advantage of the sun; however...

What’s the right size solar power system? How much will it cost?

As everyone’s needs are different and the generation potential of solar power differs from place to place , a quick way to get an answer to both these questions is to...