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    How Solar Works

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    Energy created by the heat and light of the sun is called solar energy. Solar power is produced when energy from the sun is converted into electricity or used to heat air, water or other substances. Solar energy can also be used to create solar fuels such as hydrogen.

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    A solar system built with high quality materials and proper construction techniques, that also receives proper maintenance, can last for 25 years or more. There will be some planned maintenance to replace equipment such as inverters at stages of the system life, which doesn’t have as long a lifespan as the solar panels.

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    If you put a silicon cell in the sunbeam’s path, the cell catches the energetic photons and turns them into a flow of electrons, or an electric current. These electrons can be forced to flow around an electric circuit and then power our businesses, homes, phones and laptops.

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    Solar panels work in cloudy weather. However, they do not generate as much electricity as they do during a sunny day. There are many areas that receive frequent rainy or cloudy weather where solar production can still be significant. As the efficiency of solar panels continues to increase, the overall production of panels will go up and help further offset a decrease in production during cloudy periods.

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    General system maintenance can be performed by the system owner.
    Checking the mountings of the frames and solar panels

    Cleaning the solar panels

    Checking the rooftop isolator for any loose connections or water ingress

    Checking the rooftop isolator operation

    Checking for loose connections between the solar panels

    Checking the inverter mountings

    Checking A/C and D/C isolators for water ingress and loose connections

    Complete an anti-islanding test

    Measure and record output at inverter of strings

    Check and record inverter performance history

    Checking operation of the shutdown procedure
    Always engage a qualified technician

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