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Our Solar & Energy head quarter is based at 6 Gordon Street, Sorell.


1 Invermay Rd, Invermay, Launceston 1800 82 66 76


96 Clarence Street, Bellerive, Hobart 1800 82 66 76


7 Warwick Street, Hobart 1800 82 66 76

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    Operating and Maintaining Your System

    Once you have your system installed it can operate effectively with one or two washings a year, with periodical system checks. Throughout the 25 life of the system there may also be planned replacements and upgrades for some pieces of equipment.

    Each system that we install can send data to a monitoring device. MSE have the latest system tracking in place to detect any changes in system production and status that might indicate a problem. Data helps us quickly diagnose the issue to schedule a service call. Customers can also track system production and set up system alerts, even to their mobile phone.

    General system maintenance can be performed by the system owner. Checking the mountings of the frames and solar panels Cleaning the solar panels Checking the rooftop isolator for any loose connections or water ingress Checking the rooftop isolator operation Checking for loose connections between the solar panels Checking the inverter mountings Checking A/C and D/C isolators for water ingress and loose connections Complete an anti-islanding test Measure and record output at inverter of strings Check and record inverter performance history Checking operation of the shutdown procedure Always engage a qualified technician