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    An AC-coupled storage system is connected to your switchboard.

    The main advantage of AC-coupled battery storage is that it is the easiest and generally more cost-effective way to retrofit batteries onto a pre-existing solar PV system.

    Examples of AC-coupled solutions include the Varta Pulse 6, Sonnen & of course Tesla Powerwall 2.

    View AC Coupled options here

    Category: Technical

    A DC-connected energy storage system connects to the grid mains at the same place as the solar panels; this usually means that they share a ‘Hybrid Inverter’. You can think of this as a ‘one box’ solution, because there is only one inverter instead of two.

    Because they contain fewer components (which usually translates into lower costs), we generally recommend DC-coupled systems for homes considering a brand new solar & storage system (as opposed to a retrofit).

    View DC Coupled options here

    Category: Technical