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Designing your solar system layout

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Designing your solar system layout

While traditionally the ideal layout for panels has been North facing at an angle equal to the location’s latitude, dramatic decreases in panel costs over the last few years, as well as improvements in panel technology, means that a much greater variety in panel layouts can offer benefits to customers.

Moving away from the traditional north facing design does decrease maximum possible potential output but it can increase early morning and evening generation – times when many households might be using more power than when solar potential peaks at midday.

A further obvious consideration is the size and shape of your roof. We stock a range of panels with similar outputs but varying physical dimensions, so like a very boring game of tetris, we can find the rectangle that best fits your roof.

Panel layouts are designed using satellite imagery or can be overlayed onto a building blueprint for un-completed houses. By constructing an accurate 3D design of the house and system we can model how much power the system is expected to generate all year round as well as your return on investment.

We even do stand-alone designs for projects such as this pictured 10kW system that would be installed on a custom-built shed, with batteries and inverters included inside.

Contact us now so we can design your solar system.

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