Insulation is one of the easiest and most effective ways to save energy and more importantly reduce your power bills. It’s not uncommon to reduce your power bill by $300-$400 annually by adding ceiling insulation. If your house has the potential to install underfloor insulation then the savings will be even higher.

At Marshall Solar & Energy we supply and install installation with Bradford our preferred product.

Our Product Range

Bradford Gold Insulation

Bradford Gold ceiling insulation batts will keep your home cooler in summer and warmer in winter, making your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

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Hypoallergenic, soft touch insulation batts - Bradford Black

NEW from CSR Bradford: Bradford Black. Easy to install, hypoallergenic and Australian made with sustainable, organic binders. A different kind of insulation

Bradford Gold Hi-Performance

Boasting the highest available insulation levels, Bradford Gold Hi-Performance provides the ultimate in comfort and energy efficiency for your family. Available in R-values of R5.0 and R7.0

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Bradford Polymax

Bradford Polymax acoustic ceiling batts reduce unwanted outside noise as well as minimising noise transfer between rooms and floors, making for a quieter home.

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Bradford Optimo™ is the ultimate in underfloor insulation for suspended timber floors, keeping homes warmer and reducing energy costs through winter.

Most Australian homes have ceiling insulation and new homes now also include wall insulation which is installed at the time of construction. However, for homes with suspended floors, it is one element of the envelope that may not be insulated and this can contribute to as much as 20% of heat loss in winter. Bradford’s Optimo Underfloor insulation is the solution, allowing you to address this neglected area and maximise your home’s comfort and energy efficiency.

A polished timber floor looks warm and inviting – but looks can be deceiving. Without insulation, your flooring material is the only thing between you and the elements. Heat can be lost and draughts can enter through the floorboards making your home cold and uncomfortable. Bradford Optimo provides a barrier to reduce heat loss and cold draughts entering through gaps in the flooring.