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Off Grid Package

Off grid solar systems are increasingly popular and are a great option for people who live remotely or don’t want their lives ruled by the power companies.

Which is why we’ve put together our introductory off-grid package to provide a complete setup for a small system, but as with all our products can be totally customised to meet your specific needs. And for a bit extra we’ll even have our qualified electricians install it!

Our package combines 3.3kW of solar panels (and panel racking) with an 8kW lithium battery bank housed in the PEW4 enclosure, and the fantastic all-in-one Victron Easy Solar-II GX, for a perfect small off grid system that will suit shacks or small homes. And has plenty of options to scale up to for larger homes or businesses.

The base system comes with two Australian designed and manufactured 48v 4kW PowerPlus Lithium Ferro Phosphate (LFP) Eco batteries. These batteries are safe and maintenance free, and if two isn’t enough you can scale up by adding an unlimited number of extra batteries.

To put the 8kW bank into some context a common caravan set up is two 12v, 100Ah AGM batteries which equates to 2.4kW of power. Plus the lithium batteries have some pretty big benefits, like being able to be drawn down 80% instead of the 50% recommended for AGM batteries.

With the batteries we’ve included a PowerPlus IP66 rated PEW4 enclosure that will fit up to 4 batteries and can be installed inside or outside.

The 3.3kW of solar panels is made up of nine 370W premium WINAICO full black panels, that not only come with all the latest innovations such as split cells and advanced cell technology, but also look great. Again there is always the option to expand to more panels, and we have some other panel options.

Running everything is the Victron Easy Solar-II GX which combines an MPPT regulator with a 3kW Inverter/Charger and control hub all in one enclosure. The unit can also have a generator wired in for added continuous power peace of mind. There is also a larger 5kW version available.

You can pick up the complete package (2 x 4kW batteries, 9 x 370W panels plus racking, PEW4 enclosure, and the Easy Solar-II GX 3000VA) for $14,990, or for a bit extra we can have our qualified electricians install it for you.

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