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Off-Grid Solar Panels Systems

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Most Tasmanians are looking for ways to improve their environmental footprint and reduce energy costs.

An off grid solar panel system with battery storage is an excellent way to do this, especially for rural and remote properties, or new builds with a sustainability focus and a green star rating.

Contact our team of local experts who will clarify the myths and show you how off grid solar might perform at your place.

What will my off grid solar look like?

As a part of our free measure and quote, we’ll help you understand how off grid solar panel systems work. This will include a review of your energy outputs to help determine the ideal setup for your home or business.

One of the main differences with off grid solar is the incorporation of two types of charging – AC and DC charging – which allows energy to move freely between the solar panels, the battery, a diesel generator and your electrical appliances & power outlets.

With our support, you’ll be able to invest with confidence knowing how your solar is going to perform.

Solar Panels

Not only are our solar panels high quality and affordable, they’re also some of the best looking panels on the market.

Useage Monitor

A smart device that helps us control, monitor and optimise your solar energy production and power use.


The hardware that converts solar energy into usable power for your lighting, heating, appliances and power points.

Solar Regulator

Converts your solar energy into the correct voltage so that it can be stored in your batteries.

Battery Storage

Capture and store solar energy for use overnight with a group of batteries that fit inside a slimline cabinet.

Backup Generator

Where the power network is your back-up in city areas, a backup generator can be installed to handle peak usage.

Check out some of our recent off grid solar installs

Off grid solar often requires many more panels when compared to a grid connected system, due to the maximum energy use and load requirements. Therefore, we often help clients arrange pole mounted solar panels and other structures that are independent from the main array.

Award-winning solar panels

Our experts have been following the latest solar panel and battery technology for over 15 years now.

During this time, we’ve found a range of products that are both high-quality and very affordable.

Syndey-based company Winaico Australia has become our preferred solar panel supplier because of its class-leading technology, producing some of the most efficient panels currently on the market.

With Winaico solar panels we can also offer 30-year product & performance warranties which extend the value of your investment and dramatically increase the return on your initial investment.

With their stunning black design, they’re some of the best-looking solar panels on the market; adding that extra layer of value to your property.

Currently we recommend their 425 watt all black panel where aesthetics are important and the traditional 430 watt panel where there is less focus on looks.

Battery energy storage

With off grid solar, you’re essentially creating your own power station that’s totally disconnected from the main network.

When designing your system, we’ll take into account your typical power usage and the appliances at your property.

Here we’ve found that most off grid systems need at least 16kw hours of battery storage, however, this can change depending on your power storage needs.

Most commonly we use and recommend the Eco Series 48 volt batteries from PowerPlus which offer a 10 year warranty.

These Australian made batteries offer great value for money without sacrificing quality or reliability, and the simple modular design allows us to easily add additional batteries.

Real-time energy monitoring

With real-time monitoring of your energy production via a Victron touch screen onsite and from any device remotely, you’ll be able to get the most out of your off grid solar panel system.

This will not only help you see exactly how much energy you’re producing and storing, but also how much energy you’re using throughout the day.

Soon, you’ll understand how to gain maximum efficiency with your energy production and consumption.

And whilst the investment cost of off grid solar is larger than a traditional system, you should be able to achieve pay back and a return on your investment via the savings.

This is especially the case for any new builds that can avoid expensive power mains infrastructure and connection fees.

What you can expect from us

With long-running showrooms based in Hobart and Launceston, and team members who live in the wider community, you know that you’ll be getting that Tassie-style of customer service and support where trust and reputation mean everything to our business.

Solar & Battery Experts

You could say that were energy nerds...! We just love working with sustainable technologies and green energy, and staying up to date with the latest technologies and trends.

Highly Recommended

We have an excellent track record including a bucket load of verified reviews and a great word-of-mouth reputation for people all over Tasmania.

Playing The Long Game

As an established Tassie business with over 15 years of experience with solar panels & batteries, you can rely on us to be there for the life of your solar panel system.

Locally Owned & Operated

Marshall Solar & Energy is an independent, locally owned and operated company that is run by local families who live in your neighbourhood and care about the future of our community.

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    Please feel free to upload a photo of your power bill or property, the assist with our quote.

Request a free measure & quote

Please fill out the below contact form and include recent power bills or photos you’d like to provide, and we’ll be in touch to arrange your free measure and quote. 

  • Max. file size: 256 MB.
    Please feel free to upload a photo of your power bill or property, the assist with our quote.