RedEarth SunRise

Red Earth System Benefits

  • Say good riddance to bill shock! Use your own solar power at night and reduce your power bills
  • No more blackouts! Get back-up power in case of a power failure
  • Futureproof: start small and add batteries later as your needs grow, and your budget allows. Integrate new tech as it becomes available
  • Can be expanded up to 26kWh of battery single phase and up to 50.4kwh three phase. Enough to keep you going for days on end without mains power
  • Use with your existing or new solar panels

We are based in Tasmania with 4 shop fronts however the Red Earth battery systems are manufactured in Queensland and we can ship to all parts of Australia. Along with shipping anywhere in Australia we have installers in all states and can arrange the installation for you. Contact us today on 1800 82 66 76.

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