BlackMax – DIY Solar Battery & Inverter Kit (8kWh Battery Capacity)


Robust enough to power or charge up all the tools and bar fridge, yet lightweight enough to not impose on the backyard, RedEarth’s Shed System is perfect for use where its name suggests.

The BlackMax’s main advantages are its low cost and capabilities for DIY installation. It can be as simple as placing the system in the desired location, laying solar panels and connecting them to a power board.


BlackMax Shed System

The RedEarth BlackMax is an all-in-one integrated power standalone system.

It comprises of a lithium battery, solar PV charger that charges the battery bank, plus an inverter to provide power to AC loads from the battery bank. The BlackMax also includes an AC rectifier so that the battery can be charged from an AC input source and connection. An advanced Digital Signal Processor (DSP) in the PCU controls the power flow by maximizing solar power harvesting providing reliable power for sheds & workshops.

BlackMax Product Brochure

System Benefits

  • 3.3kVa power with 6kW surge to handle typical shed tools
  • DIY connection – save installation costs
  • 2.5kWp – connects to up to 6 solar panels*
  • Galvanic isolated transformer improves safety
  • Intelligent charge management with 4 stage battery charging for improved battery performance and life
  • All-in-one design with pre-wired battery and PV cables with MC4 connectors

*6 solar panels sold separately. Speak to your retailer for more information


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