LG Chem Resu 9.8kWh Battery Plus Sungrow Inverter SH5K-20


Max. output power 5000 W / 5000 VA

Max. output power (battery) 3000 W / 3000 VA

Max. charge / discharge current 65 A / 65 A

The Sungrow SH5K-20 is a perfect inverter to retrofit with an existing solar system. Not only will you be able to add the battery to the Sungrow inverter you will be able to add more panels if required (up to 6.4kW)
Please note this price DOES NOT include installation. Installation price is site specific and normally around $1,000 to $2,000
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When you add a battery to an existing solar system you normally have to add an inverter as well unless your a lucky customer who already has an inverter installed which has an extra input spare allowing a battery to be added easily.

We find the Sungrow Hybrid inverter one of the easiest battery inverters to retrofit the LG Chem battery to your existing home.


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