When it comes to solar panels we only offer one brand!

Why just one brand you ask?

Well Marshall Solar & Energy are the agents for WINAICO solar panels in Tasmania. We love WINAICO and we challenge you to find any bad feedback on them.

Benefits & Features of WINAICO solar modules

At the end of the day the proof is in the performance. We encourage you to visit the live portal from the  DKASC test center in Alice Springs.

This test center has over 40 different panel installed and you can compare the WINAICO modules installed way back in 2012 against other well known brands. The simple fact is the WINIACO  array is performing really, really well. Click here to view yourself.



Inverters are a little different to panels, we offer 5 different brands of inverters Sungrow, Fronius, SMA, Enphase & Solar Edge .

If you have no shade issues and plenty of room on your roof we are likely to offer Sungrow string inverter as the solid budget inverter (5 year warranty) with either a SMA or Fronius as the premium solution.

If you have shade or a tight roof it is likely we will suggest either a Solar Edge DC Optimized solution or an Enphase AC solution.