Victron SHS 200

A quirky little product that came across the Marshall Solar and Energy desk recently is the Victron SHS 200 MPPT Solar Regulator.

The SHS 200 combines a smart solar charger with a power distribution system and could be a perfect choice for very small off grid systems.

The solar regulator can handle up to 200W of solar and can be connected to a lead-acid or Lithium 12V battery up to 160Ah.

But what really sets the SHS 200 apart from other regulators is the power distribution options which instead of the single load output that a typical regulator has, instead comes with 5 DC ports for running 12V appliances and an almost certainly ludicrous 10 USB ports.

In a small shack or even on a camping trip, this could be an ideal space saver while you keep your kids’ ipads, phones, torches, Gameboys, and other devices charged so that you can survive with a semblance of sanity.

Alternatively, this could be a great product if you were looking for a small solar system for a food van or other off grid small business. It won’t run major appliances but could be great for incidental extra power options like led lighting and phone charging without stressing your starting battery.

The SHS 200 also comes with “Pay As You Go” technology which allows a customer to pay for limited power supplied through the device. Probably a feature that wouldn’t see much use in Tassie, but perhaps an extremely entrepreneurial AirBNB owner might see some potential, though we take no responsibility for any 1 star reviews you might receive.

Victron also offer a great range of more standard solar controllers so be sure to check them out.

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