Professional solar system inspections and repairs

Marshall Solar and Energy has been designing, installing and maintaining solar systems across Tasmania, we have nearly 30 years in the energy sector and our solar experts will ensure your system operates efficiently and safely using industry best practice.

If we installed your solar Energy system, you may be covered for any solar system repair work required (refund or replacement) under a valid manufacturer’s warranty. 

× WARNING!    Unlike typical electrical products, turning a solar panel system ‘off’ at the switch does not mean that the components no longer pose an electrical hazard. In addition, for roof mounted systems, some maintenance tasks may need to be conducted on the roof which poses additional hazards. 

Things to look for.

  • Checking the mountings of the frames and solar panels

  • Cleaning the solar panels

  • Checking the rooftop isolator for any loose connections or water ingress

  • Checking the rooftop isolator operation

  • Checking for loose connections between the solar panels

  • Checking the inverter mountings

  • Checking A/C and D/C isolators for water ingress and loose connections

  • Complete an anti-islanding test

  • Measure and record output at inverter of strings

  • Check and record inverter performance history

  • Checking operation of the shutdown procedure

Always engage a qualified technician

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