A recent installation in progress using the black “Hollywood” racking from Clenergy.

The overlooked star of a good solar installation is the solar racking – that is the aluminium rails and clamps that attach to your solar panels and secure them to your roof.

Good solar racking needs to not just be able to withstand Tasmania’s occasionally wild weather to keep your panels safely secured for the next 25 years plus, but it needs to be something that you’re happy to look at every day for decades.

At Marshall Solar and Energy that’s why we only use Clenergy “Hollywood” all-black racking. It not only looks great, with a fantastic minimalist design that will suit almost any roof, but we back it keep your panels safely stuck on your roof in even the toughest conditions.

If you want to know more, you can read the Clenergy brochure here.

Or give us a call to discuss your new solar installation.

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