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Victron Easy Solar all-in-one power solutions

Putting together a solar system, especially when you’re including batteries, can be a pretty complex task. Which is why we’re such big fans of the Victron Easy Solar range of products that take almost everything you need for a battery connected system and combine it into a single box.

Victron have a few different versions, but they all share the same basic setup of combining an MPPT solar regulator with an inverter/charger allowing you to charge batteries and run AC appliances straight from the box or through AC switchboard.

All models can work in a basic off-grid system and can take an AC input which could include a generator connection for added energy security.

Beyond the base model, there are great upgraded versions that include monitoring functions as well as wifi and even cloud based access allowing you to keep an eye on your system even when you’re not home.

Having everything together in one box is a great way to simplify the installation and reduce the amount of paper work and manuals you need to hold onto. Though the super finicky solar enthusiast may like to choose their own individual parts instead, but we’re certainly here to help with that as well.

The Easy Solar comes in 12V and 24V versions and 1600VA, 3000VA, and 5000VA models, while the Easy Solar-II GX comes in 24V and 48V version at 3000VA and 5000VA.

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